Apparel Innovation Training Center

In 2009, we established the Apparel Innovation Training Center in Sri Lanka with MAS, one of our strategic apparel suppliers.


The center uses a revolutionary approach to training workers on new ways of making apparel. It allows students to learn about the latest technology and develop new skills by practicing in a live production facility, rather than a classroom, over the course of a 12-week class. Since it was established, the training center has trained over 400 trainees from 50 different suppliers.


In 2016, we created a Local For Local program to share this model of training with other global apparel suppliers. Today, classes are offered in local languages in China, Vietnam, Mexico and Indonesia. Each class is still integrated with a host facility, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to practice the new skills they learn on a live production floor.


Additionally, new courses are being developed to ensure that the training continues to be relevant as we roll out new products, technologies and practices across our source base.