Building Supplier Capabilities

We believe it is imperative for factory management to understand that lean, green, equitable and empowered workplaces are productive, profitable and successful.

This approach builds upon a foundation of excellence in lean manufacturing, and aims to create an optimized production process that reduces impacts, eliminates waste, and enables skilled and engaged workers to drive quality and productivity. To support this approach, we work with suppliers to strengthen human resources management skills, like employee development and communication.

Lean Management Framework

We have been working with our suppliers to implement lean manufacturing methodologies for over 15 years. Our goal is to help suppliers understand and apply this new way of managing their business. One of our priorities has been the role lean manufacturing can play in creating a workplace culture that prioritizes workers’ health and safety, and human resources management systems focused on continuous improvement, building workers’ skills and empowering them to identify opportunities to improve overall production.

Lean is the philosophy and practice of identification and elimination of non-value added activities. This improves quality, reduces lead times, and mitigates cost, while improving employee engagement.
Building Supplier Capabilities in Environmental Management

We’re committed to removing scarce resources from our business growth plans, and we want all of our suppliers to get on board. It’s critical for our suppliers to increase their productivity while minimizing their impact. Our Environment Minimum Programs in waste, energy and water are the first step in this direction. With commitment from suppliers, these programs help their employees learn the essential tools and processes to properly track, manage and improve their waste generation, energy use, and water use.


Worker Engagement

When workers are valued, issues of compensation, overtime, workplace conditions and worker engagement will fundamentally change for the better. As manufacturing processes become more sophisticated, the role of factory workers is changing. Our future suppliers will be those that transform their business by investing in the skills and capabilities of workers and promoting collaboration between workers and managers to support a more sustainable manufacturing model.


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Human Resources Management

Strong Human Resources Management in our suppliers’ facilities is essential to maintaining compliance with our Code Leadership Standards and to building an engaged workforce.


Nike has been working with our suppliers on strengthening the management skills at factories in areas such as workforce planning, performance management, recruiting and hiring, employee development and communication, as well as broader HR organizational structure and business integration issues.


Our Culture of Safety

A safe, healthy workplace is a fundamental right. Our vision is to provide a safe, hygienic, and healthy workplace, develop safety management systems, and foster a strong culture of safety in Nike facilities as well as the factories and facilities within Nike’s supply chain. Achieving this vision requires an active and engaged workforce that is properly informed and adequately trained on the hazards of their job and how to perform their work safely.


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