Code of Conduct Translations

Nike has a longstanding commitment to working with suppliers on improving manufacturing conditions and minimizing negative impacts to workers, local communities and the environment. Since we first launched our Code of Conduct in 1992, we have continued to evolve our standards and programs to drive improved outcomes for the workers in the supply chain and communities where our suppliers operate.

Every supplier factory that makes products for Nike must meet a rigorous set of compliance requirements. The Nike Code of Conduct lays out the minimum required standards we expect each supplier factory or facility to meet.

We expect all our suppliers to share our commitment to the welfare of workers and to using resources responsibly and efficiently. We will only work with suppliers who show leadership in sustainability and who have achieved a foundation of compliance and want to move into new and innovative labor practices.

The Code of Conduct is an integral component of our sourcing strategy and is how we determine the suppliers we’ll work with to create a lean, green and equitable supply chain.

We regularly review supplier factories to assess their ability to meet our high standards. These assessments take the form of audit visits — both announced and unannounced — by internal and external parties who measure against the Code Leadership Standards and our Code of Conduct.