Fun Ways to Keep Kids Moving this Summer

For many kids, summer is usually defined by play — days are spent running, jumping, swimming, dancing, shooting hoops and kicking around with friends. But the summer of 2020 looks a little different. As summer programs with community organizations have paused and social distancing measures remain in place, parents and caregivers continue to face new challenges to keep kids moving — and we’re here to help. Because at Nike, we understand that active kids do better  — they’re happier, healthier, more resilient. Play and sport are more important than ever to help kids establish routines, relieve feelings of stress and provide them with a positive outlet.


This summer, Nike is providing Made to Play (MTP) kits with a jump rope, sidewalk chalk, hacky sack and a MTP Summer Activity Checklist — featuring creative ways to keep kids moving safely, at home, all summer long — to community organizations* in Chicago, Los Angeles, Memphis, New York, Portland and Toronto. These bundles of fun and inspiration will be distributed to more than 53,000 kids of all ages and abilities. You can find the checklist — plus an inspirational video from Nike athletes Laurie Hernandez, Sarah Hughes, Simone Manuel, Chris Mosier, Ibtihaj Muhammad and Josh Okogie, encouraging and motivating kids to keep moving — here. See the trailer below:



*Thanks to the following partner organizations for their support and distributing the Made to Play kits to kids in their local communities:

Below are some additional resources from Nike and our partners to get people moving.