Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard cartons account for about 85 percent of distribution center waste. This number continues to grow as customers order a greater variety of products or smaller orders at any given time. This requires our teams to repackage shipments from our factories into more customized orders, a process that inherently creates more waste.


To mitigate our impact, we started Re-Use-A-Box, a program designed to reduce waste by reusing corrugated cardboard on outbound shipments. Several of our distribution centers optimized this program in FY18 and we continue to look for ways to bring the Re-Use-A-Box program to other key distribution centers.


And, we’re always searching for new alternative packaging solutions, like reusable shipping totes and approaches to end-of-life product. Our European Logistics Campus (ELC) is already piloting how to repurpose end-of-life apparel into acoustic panels for office conference rooms.