Our Approach to Diversity & Inclusion

Nike is committed to creating inclusive, safe environment where all of our employees can realize their full potential. We believe in the inspirational power of sport to break down barriers, overcome differences and bring people together. To serve every athlete individually and completely — across the hundreds of countries where we do business — we need teams that truly reflect the diversity of our consumers, and a culture of inclusivity. We drive to foster inclusion and embrace diversity throughout our business, teams and culture to bring us closer to the consumer, empower our employees to realize their full potential and create breakthrough innovations for athletes.


Our diverse, high-performing teams around the world share a singular goal: to make all athletes better. At Nike, we embrace different perspectives because we know everyone brings unique experiences and ideas to the team. No matter where we come from, a love of sport unites us. It teaches us to be competitive and to value collaboration.

Nike is committed to ensuring we have in place:
  • A diverse, high-performing team and inclusive environment
  • Opportunities for career growth and development
  • A strong focus on workplace health and safety
  • Equitable and competitive pay and benefits


But what does this actually mean, and what does it look like in practice?


The seen and unseen characteristics and experiences that make every human unique. Everyone is Diverse and Representation Matters. At Nike, diversity is about acknowledging and valuing our differences and appreciating that everyone brings unique experiences, perspectives and ideas to the team. We want everyone who joins our team to realize their full potential.


Over the years, we have made progress, yet there are still opportunities to get better. We recognize that representation is an important measure of this progress. That’s why we’re accelerating our efforts by strengthening our recruitment, development, promotion and retention of diverse talent across the world.


We are committed to implementing actions to accelerate our representation growth and create the inclusive culture we know will help of our employees. Therefore, in FY18/19 we will continue our path of implementing actions focused on hiring, developing, promoting and retaining diverse talent, with a focus on women, globally and underrepresented minorities in the U.S.  We will continue on our plan ahead by implementing the following actions:


  • Hold leaders accountable: There are three ways to increase representation – promotion, retention and hiring – and we’re working through strategic initiatives and action plans to enable each of them. Leaders will be held accountable for representation growth within their teams (women globally, and underrepresented minorities in the U.S.).
  • Develop diverse talent: A multi-faceted approach to investing in our diverse talent. This includes evolving our current development offerings, creating new programs that accelerate emerging diverse leaders, and expanding our employee networks – showcasing our commitment to engaging the diverse talent of the future.
  • Inclusive hiring: Invest in a dedicated diversity sourcing team to be immersed in the marketplace; increase visibility and accountability to ensure slates of diverse candidates when hiring; and remove bias from critical moments of the hiring process by creating more inclusive job descriptions, enabling blind resume reviews, eliminating the collection of candidate salary history, and using data to inform hiring decisions.
  • Accelerated training: Focused manager training, beginning in May, to ensure all managers are clear on expectations – when and how they are compelled to act – and have resources to lead in a manner consistent with our values and behaviors. Mandatory Unconscious Bias Awareness training for all employees aimed at creating a stronger, more inclusive culture. Unconscious Bias Awareness training will launch to employees located in the U.S. and Canada in August, with a global launch to all employees in mid-FY19.