The Time Is Now

You Don’t Need To Be A Star To Have A Voice.

The 2020 U.S. general election is right around the corner and there is no better time than now to make sure your voice is heard. Since the 2016 election, more than 15 million people turned 18 and have the opportunity to vote in their first general election. Gen Z and millennial voters will account for 37 percent of eligible voters this November.

The Importance of Creating a Plan to Vote

There are a variety of ways to vote, which vary state-by-state. These include the option to vote early at an approved polling station, vote-by-mail or to vote at the polls on election day. Learn more about how to vote in your state.

The Nike 2020 Voting Guide

In 2016, nearly 100 million eligible voters in the United States did not vote. That is enough people to fill about 1,000 stadiums. Nike has created a 2020 Voting Guide to help ensure all eligible voters make their voice heard this election with the tools, resources, and programming to help everyone register, vote and inspire their community to take action.  


Get informed. Get involved. Get out the vote.

Vote Early: Ride to the Polls

Nike and Lyft are teaming up to make it easier to get you to the polls for early voting.


In alignment with Nike’s efforts to increase voter participation and minimize barriers to voting, the company has partnered with transportation networking company Lyft to support early voting and access to discounted rides* in communities who have historically had a harder time getting to the polls, as well as supporting voters in Nike World Headquarters’ backyard. From October 24-30, people in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee and Portland can use the code NIKE2020 for credit on a ride to the polls or a registered ballot drop box.

Get Involved

The right to vote is something we all share, and you can help others prepare to vote. Pledge to vote and help 3 of your friends or members of your community do the same. Additionally, inspire action by becoming a voting squad captain in your community. Read the starter guide here.


We’ve teamed up with Rock the Vote and When We All Vote, two non-partisan organizations, to provide tools and educational resources to help people register and vote.

Democracy is a team sport. Learn more about what these organizations are doing to get their communities out to vote:






Foot, Inc.


In addition to partnering with organizations focused on getting out the vote, NIKE, Inc. encourages all eligible U.S. employees to register to vote and is committed to providing every employee registered to vote with the opportunity and time to cast their ballot.


For more information on Nike’s commitment to creating an equal playing field for all, click here.