Flyknit Bra
Nike’s first Flyknit Apparel Innovation comes to life

The right sports bra can be the difference between a kickass workout and no workout at all. “It is the most important piece of apparel for the active woman,” says Janett Nichol, VP of Apparel Innovation.


When we wanted to transform the sports bra, we turned one of our most important innovations: Flyknit. Considering what Nike Flyknit technology does best — holding shape while facilitating precise zones of greater or less support and breathability— we had no doubt that this method of construction would be a sports bra game changer. “Nike Flyknit allows us to be incredibly precise in a single layer,” says Nichol. The technology enables designers to engineer every stitch for specific performance benefits.


Nike Flyknit debuted at the 2012 London games with the Nike Flyknit Racer. This innovative material is produced by a digitally engineered knitting process best known for lightweight, formfitting and virtually seamless shoes. The ultra-soft nylon-spandex yarn used in Nike Flyknit is made from recycled polyester regenerated from plastic bottle waste. The fact that recycled polyester has helped Nike divert more than 5 billion plastic bottles from landfills might be an even bigger innovation than the performance benefits.


The Flyknit bra is constructed to form-fit your body, using two single-layer panels that are assembled for a seamless feel. This zoned knitting process enables designers to designate specialized areas throughout the bra, offering the best shape, support and comfort without the addition of components like wires, pads, stabilizers and elastics.


The result means less waste, materials and seams: The Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Bra has two panels and a binding (other high-support bras can have up to 41 pieces and 22 seams) and is 30 percent lighter than any other bra in Nike’s line, and the manufacturing process creates minimal waste.


“The goal of the Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Bra was maximum support and comfort that would allow women to feel and look amazing while doing anything they choose,” explains Nicole Rendone, Senior Bra Innovation Designer. “We prioritized support, breathability and cooling in essential zones.”