Strengthening Human Resources Management

Strong human resource policies are critical to building an engaged workforce

Strong human resources policies and capable, qualified management are essential for all Nike suppliers to be compliant with the law and our Code Leadership Standards. We have developed guidance and tools they can use to improve Human Resources Management (HRM) in their factories.

We’re supporting our suppliers in developing predictive, agile, resilient and integrated HRM capabilities. By investing in HR professionals, systems and processes our suppliers will be able to have the right people, with the right skills, in the right roles, who are engaged, empowered and invested in driving their business success.

We have teams in each of our regions with individuals dedicated to working with our suppliers to measure and develop their HRM capabilities. In the last several years, these engagements were often part of an integrated approach to Nike’s Lean Management Framework. Those activities included:

  • Developing systems and processes to capture accurate data and conduct data analysis on HRM related qualitative and quantitative metrics
  • Assessing supplier management strengths and weaknesses and identifying opportunities for development
  • Providing coaching and consultation to strengthen supplier HRM systems, with a focus on how to attract, develop and engage their employees
  • Developing tools to measure worker engagement and identify areas of opportunity for investment

We will continue to evolve our approach, partnering with organizations focused on developing relevant tools and services to support suppliers as they drive their strategies around workforce investment and management. For examples of how we are working to explore use of innovative HR tools, see our story on Worker Technology.