Creating an Inclusive Culture
NIKE, Inc.’s mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world

We believe sport has the power to unify and inspire the world toward action – and that starts with people. From the people who make our products, to our Nike teammates around the world, to the people in the communities we serve, we’re focused on helping everyone achieve their potential. This is not only good for our business, but good for the world.


In 2018, we became aware of reports of behavior within our organization that did not reflect our core values of inclusivity, respect and empowerment. We took swift action, committing to a wide-ranging approach to evolving our culture, transforming how we approach leadership and investing in programs to unlock and accelerate us toward an environment that is more inclusive and empowering.


Specifically, we announced an overall review of our HR systems and practices while elevating our complaint process. We created a mandatory manager training that reinforces the role of respect, inclusion and accountability that will roll out to managers globally. We also increased our investment in leadership training and accountability, our diversity and inclusion teams and programs, and all-employee focused programming and training on our culture.


We also know that since our last report we have not made fast enough progress on representation with women or underrepresented minorities.


We also released our new updates on representation of women and underrepresented minorities at our Vice President level. As a result of this data, we’re now more than ever, focused on accelerating representation of diverse employees at our senior most leadership levels, starting with women and underrepresented minorities. While we’re focused on these two areas in the near-term, we will continue to expand representation across other dimensions of diversity over the long-term.


We remain deeply committed to improving diversity across Nike, particularly at the leadership level, evolving our culture and making Nike an environment focused on respect, equality, inclusion and empowerment. We want Nike to be a place where everyone has the opportunity to be successful.


To create the culture we want, and to attract and develop an increasingly diverse, engaged and healthy workforce, we will invest more heavily in diversity and inclusion and move more quickly against our overall People and Culture strategy. We are measuring ourselves against three key areas:


  1. Diverse representation and a culture of inclusion
  2. Employee growth, development and wellbeing; and,
  3. Comprehensive, competitive, equitable pay and benefits


We believe with this continued, deep investment year-after-year, we will become a more diverse, empowered, respectful and inclusive workplace that will make our business more resilient, our products more innovative and our culture even stronger.

Our Commitment

For Nike to grow and evolve, we need to create meaningful change and put a sharper focus on how we lead our teams and work together.  We know we need to do more and accelerate our pace of change. We will hold our ourselves and our leaders more accountable for driving measurable progress against representation and pay equity.


As a growth company, we’re committed to employing the best and brightest to serve consumers globally. Employees with the necessary skill sets, expertise and diversity are critical to drive our business forward. Diversity allows for a breadth of perspectives and experiences to develop thoughtful and original ideas; it’s a key component of innovation.


We need teams that truly reflect the diversity of our consumers, and a culture of inclusivity that reflects the communities we serve. This requires representation of diversity at all levels, and an inclusive community that embraces it.


We are deeply committed to actualizing this future while at the same time recognizing there is no finish line on how much we can improve and do better for our employees, our consumers and the world.