Jordan Brand Wings

We believe the ball should bounce the same for everyone. And that education and access have the power to promote diversity, inclusion and equality.

Jordan Brand isn’t just what you wear or how you play. It’s the confidence to find your voice, own your style, and change the game both on and off the court. Driven by the legacy of Michael Jordan, we inspire the world to achieve greatness on their own terms.

Among the brand’s core principles is strengthening the community through investment in youth. Michael Jordan’s parents instilled in him the value of education, and our Jordan Wings programs offer access to opportunities that can level the playing field to young people all over the world.

From the parks of Chicago to the streets of Beijing, the courts of New York to the lycees of Paris, the Jumpman community shows up, shows out, and changes the game every day. In 2016 we rededicated our support to this community with a singular focus: to break down the barriers that hold them back, and help them fly.

Today, Jordan Brand Wings works with more than 30 partners globally to unlock access to education and mentorship for disadvantaged youth.

Our Programs

Beyond Basketball is a basketball culture melting pot, geared towards sparking passion in students. The experience uses sport as a launchpad into other creative outlets while also instilling life skills.

The Design Program is for those with creative passions or ambitions, whether they dream of pursuing design school, launching their own brand, or creating products for social change. The program includes sessions with designers and product creation teams. We also support partners who aid in building portfolios and advise students towards creative industries and education.

The Scholars Program helps students find success in higher education. Leveraging local partners, we aim to identify committed, primarily first-generation students, and reduce barriers to completing their studies through scholarships, information and resources.

Our Intern Program allows students to gain valuable experience and skills working on real world problems. The program supports them on their journey, fostering professional relationships and helping build a network.