Manufacturing Sustainably

We believe world-class manufacturing is grounded in standards that protect the environment and respect the people who work in factories. We work with suppliers who share our commitment to making products responsibly and sustainably.

Responsible Sourcing Practices

Teamwork is at the foundation of our approach to business. We build long-term relationships with suppliers who who share our commitment to making products responsibly and sustainably.

Building Supplier Capabilities in Environmental Management

Nike engages and supports suppliers through Environment Minimum Programs to build performance and risk management capabilities.

Carbon & Energy

When energy is managed efficiently, factories benefit by reducing production costs and improving efficiency. To get there, we’re prioritizing areas with mature renewable energy markets and lots of Nike business, and using successes to spark adoption of renewable energy across the supply chain.


We’re collaborating across the industry to develop new ways to grow materials like cotton more sustainably, especially in water-stressed areas. We want to drive systemic, industry-wide change, setting standards that ensure other businesses are also returning clean water to the system.


Chemistry is a crucial component of our overall product creation process. We work collaboratively across our internal teams and with industry peers to evaluate and restrict the use of certain chemicals and promote the development and use of better chemistries.

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