Environmental Moonshot

In the FY14/15 Sustainable Business Report, we introduced our intent to double our business with half the environmental impact. This bold announcement was meant to spur progressive thinking within our organization. Since then, this moonshot ambition has served as a north star for our work in sustainability, guiding our efforts in the near-term and informing the development of our long-term commitments.


Our current 2020 targets are milestones towards the moonshot. Our 2025 targets will expand the scope of coverage and aim to further reduce our impact. In addition to improving performance, we are also enhancing our capability to track performance further back in the supply chain. Right now, like most in our industry, Nike extrapolates much of our data in tier 2 (materials manufacturing), 3 (materials processing), and 4 (materials growing or extraction) using industry averages. We plan to work with our industry to expand our ability to get accurate, reliable environmental impact assessments across the value chain and embrace more systemic change to scale low-impact solutions.