Nike Grind

Over twenty-five years ago, a revolutionary idea was born.

Use the power of sport to create a zero waste future and healthier planet. Demand that our materials perform beyond a single use. And do more with less.

That idea is Nike Grind.

What began as a grassroots initiative to collect and recycle shoes to create basketball courts is now a global sustainability innovation that spans the sport industry and beyond.

Today, the possibilities of Nike Grind materials are limitless, inspiring imagination around the world.

Closing the Loop

Maximum performance, minimal impact.

At Nike, we believe the future is circular. We see a move toward closed loop products: products that are designed with better materials, made with fewer resources and assembled to allow for easy reuse.


To minimize environmental impact, Nike aims to innovate up-front product design and reclaim materials throughout the manufacturing process and product lifecycle.

Driving Toward Zero Waste

In addition to the materials recycled back into Nike’s own products, waste has also been given new life by forward-thinking companies that use Nike Grind manufacturing scrap and post-consumer materials from the Reuse-A-Shoe program.

Sources of Nike Grind

Nike Grind is a collection of recycled materials originating from Nike manufacturing scrap, unsellable products and worn-out sneakers.

Instead of letting these materials go to waste, they’re collected and processed into new materials to be used by Nike and partners who share our vision for zero waste.

Scraps of rubber, foam, leather, textile and plastic left over from creating Nike products are collected from factories around the world and regenerated into new premium materials.

Fueled by Purpose

Do more with less.


Nike Grind gives us a better way to serve athletes, our business and the world. In 25 years, it’s become a fundamental part of product design, retail spaces, and workplace environments at Nike World Headquarters and beyond.


Since Nike Grind’s beginning as a grassroots recycling program, the focus has been on sports surfaces. Now, 25 years later, surfaces made with Nike Grind cover more than 1 billion square feet and can be found in 10,000+ projects around the world.


In addition, the materials are recycled back into Nike’s own products and waste has also been given new life by forward-thinking companies that use Nike Grind manufacturing scrap and post-consumer materials from the Reuse-A-Shoe program.

Nike Grind Applications

Turf Fields

Bo Jackson Field, Nike World Headquarters

120 metric tons (roughly 265,000 pounds) of Nike Grind manufacturing rubber used.

Running Tracks

Brillia Running Stadium, Tokyo, Japan

Nike Grind in Retail Spaces

Designers apply a less is more product innovation principle to physical environment creation, incorporating Nike Grind materials into everything from mannequins and modular display blocks, to wall and shelving displays, to flooring and seating.

Nike Fleece Sweatshirt

Over a million pounds of Nike Grind textile were given new life in Nike fleece apparel in 2018.

Nike and Converse Footwear

Last year, Nike and Converse contract factories recycled over 3 million pounds of Grind rubber back into our footwear.

Nike Trims

In 2017, Nike Grind TPU was repurposed in over 500 apparel trim items, including zipper pulls, cord lock, buttons, grommets, and more.

There is No Finish Line

Nike Grind is part of our vision for a circular future where the concept of waste no longer exists.