We have a responsibility to ensure that all athletes can train, live and thrive for generations to come. We develop new products and innovative materials because we’re dedicated to finding ways to help solve today’s problems for a better tomorrow with a focus on maximum performance and minimum impact.


2020 Targets


  • Deliver products for maximum performance with minimum impact, with a 10% reduction in the average environmental footprint
  • Increase use of sustainable materials in footwear and apparel
  • Source 100% of our cotton more sustainably across NIKE, Inc.
  • Enable Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)
  • Eliminate footwear manufacturing waste to landfill or incineration, while continuing to reduce overall waste


More related targets can be found at FY18 Nike Impact Report


FY18 Highlights

  • 73% of Nike brand footwear and apparel styles that used some recycled materials
  • 6.4B plastic bottles transformed into recycled polyester footwear and apparel since 2010
  • 99.9% of footwear finished goods manufacturing waste that was recycled or converted to energy in the fourth quarter of FY18
  • 10M pounds of athletic footwear and surplus manufactured scrap turned into performance products through the Nike Grind program
  • Released the Circular Design Guide to help accelerate circularity in apparel and footwear industry