Nike's Space Hippie: Creating Our Lowest Carbon Footprint Shoe Ever

At Nike, our goal is to make the world better for all athletes* by helping protect the future of sport and taking a stand against climate change. The new Space Hippie line of shoes moves us closer to that goal, transforming scrap material from factory floors into a radical expression of circular design.

Introducing Space Hippie

Space Hippie is Nike’s lowest carbon footprint shoe ever, and was born out of constraints – taking what we have and reimagining it. Every detail of the four initial Space Hippie silhouettes, from material choices to methods of make to packaging, was chosen with consideration for its environmental impact.

Waste as a Valuable Material

Inspired by the concept of in-situ utilization, often used in space exploration, Space Hippie designers  set out to recreate with what they had “”on site.” The design embodies the belief that innovation should provide us all with a healthy dose of inspiration. Reuse is a vital step to reducing environmental impact, and Space Hippie addresses an essential question: What if waste could actually become our future feedstock?

Building on a legacy

Space Hippie is about doing better for today, setting the stage for a stronger tomorrow. It drives a new vision for how things are made, used and, ultimately, reused. But reuse at Nike is not new. Space Hippie is just one step in Move to Zero, Nike’s journey to zero carbon and zero waste to help protect the future of sport. We have been recycling and reimaging factory scrap and used shoes for more than 26 years through Nike Grind. And we’re working to advance a consistent language for circularity across the industry through the Nike Circular Design Guide.

Space Hippie product presents itself as an artifact from the future. It's avant garde; it's rebelliously optimistic. Space Hippie is also an idea. It is about figuring out how to make the most with the least material, the least energy and the least carbon."
John Hoke, Nike Chief Design Officer


Sustainability at Nike is not new. In FY19 alone, we diverted over a billion plastic bottles.


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