Stakeholder Engagement for FY16/17 Sustainable Business Report

On our journey to be a brand with purpose that moves the world forward, we have benefitted from constructive counsel from a variety of external stakeholders—civil society organizations, industry, government, investors, consumers and others. Engaging stakeholders challenges us to better understand emerging issues and helps us identify opportunities for innovation.


For this year’s report, we fundamentally altered our approach to sustainability disclosure, resulting in a Sustainable Business Report (SBR) that is more streamlined and focused on progress to our 2020 targets; and a website focused on topics important to our consumers, that also allows for deep dives on material issues.


To make sure our approach was sound, we worked with Ceres to convene an external stakeholder panel and conduct multiple dialogues to guide the development of NIKE’s approach to reporting and communication. Ceres is a sustainability nonprofit organization working with investors and companies to tackle the world’s biggest sustainability challenges, including climate change, water scarcity and pollution, and human rights abuses. NIKE has worked with Ceres on many different sustainability projects since the late 90s.


Over the course of a year, we hosted three webinars with the stakeholder team to discuss our plans for the next SBR and updated sustainability website.


Stakeholder Team

  • BSR, Tara Norton, Managing Director
  • Calvert Investments, Mike Lombardo, Vice President
  • Ceres, Amy Augustine, Senior Director
  • Clean Production Action, Mark Rossi, Executive Director
  • General Motors, Sharon Basel, Senior Manager Sustainability
  • MIT Sloan School of Management, Jason Jay, Senior Lecturer and Director, Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan
  • Solidaridad, Madhyama Subramanian, Program Manager
  • WWF, Lindsay Bass, Manager, Water Stewardship
  • WWF, Nicole Tanner, Senior Specialist, Water Stewardship
  • NYC Comptroller’s Office, Millicent Budhai Robinson, Assistant Comptroller



Engagement Themes

Over the course of three engagements, the stakeholder team provided useful and relevant feedback for our disclosure strategy and planning. Here are just a few high-level themes we heard in those conversations.


Incorporating Feedback

The feedback that resulted from these engagements provided Nike’s leadership with direct insights and perspectives about our approach to reporting and disclosure. It also allowed Nike leadership to hear directly from stakeholders and understand the topics that are top of mind for them.


Nike derives value from the stakeholder dialogue process, and we are committed to the integration of external feedback into our strategic planning and disclosure. We sincerely appreciate the time, expertise and extensive input of the stakeholders for this report and our work more broadly. We believe that the net result of this stakeholder consultation is a stronger and more credible report.