Nike is committed to ethical and responsible manufacturing. We uphold international labor standards and are very concerned about reports of forced labor in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR). Nike does not source products from the XUAR and we have confirmed with our contract suppliers that they are not using textiles or spun yarn from the region.


The Nike Code of Conduct and Code Leadership Standards have requirements prohibiting any type of prison, forced, bonded or indentured labor, including detailed provisions for freedom of movement and prohibitions on discrimination based on ethnic background or religion. We continue to engage with all of our suppliers to evaluate compliance with Nike’s Code of Conduct and Code Leadership Standards.


Nike does not have relationships with the Haoyuanpeng Clothing Manufacturing, Qingdao Jifa Group, or Esquel facilities in XUAR, as was inaccurately reported by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. We do have a sourcing relationship with Taekwang Group. When reports of the situation in XUAR began to surface in 2019 Taekwang stopped hiring employees from XUAR to its Qingdao facility and it has confirmed that it no longer has employees from XUAR. Through the diligence process Taekwang shared documents that indicate all employees at the facility, including migrant workers from XUAR, had the ability to end or extend their contracts at any time.


We have been collaborating with industry associations such as Retail Industry Leaders Association, American Apparel & Footwear Association, National Retail Federation and U.S. Fashion Industry Association and are supportive of the statement released by these organizations on this matter. We will continue to actively collaborate with industry experts, partners, stakeholders and other organizations to understand, evaluate and address this critical global issue.


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