We believe that companies like NIKE play an important role in helping to address some of the complex challenges facing our global community today.

Corporate Governance

NIKE’s corporate governance reflects the company’s commitment to monitor the effectiveness of policy and decision-making both at the Board of Directors and executive level. In this context, NIKE approaches governance with a view to enhancing long-term shareholder value. Creating long-term shareholder value is facilitated by focusing on NIKE’s corporate Purpose, which includes strategies regarding sustainability; diversity, equity, and inclusion; social and community impact; corporate responsibility; and human rights.

Purpose Governance at Nike

Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability & Governance Committee

Our ability to succeed starts with leadership commitment at the highest level. The Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability and Governance (CRS&G) Committee of our Board of Directors is responsible for reviewing Nike’s significant strategies, activities and policies regarding sustainability, contract manufacturer labor practices, community impact and charitable activities, among other duties, and make recommendations to the Board. The committee sets the tone and pace for sustainability within Nike’s business strategy.  Learn more.

Responsibilities include:

  • Review and provide guidance to management on sustainability issues and impacts, and the integration of sustainability into Nike’s business, including innovation, product design, manufacturing and sourcing, and operations.
  • Review, provide guidance to management, and report to the Board on sustainability (including labor practices) within Nike’s supply chain, and review reports of Nike’s sustainability audits.
  • Review and provide guidance to management regarding Nike’s work with industry organizations and non-governmental organizations concerning corporate responsibility.
  • Annually review the activities of the Nike Foundation and Nike community impact initiatives.
  • Review and make recommendations to management on reporting to shareholders and other communities regarding corporate responsibility activities.
  • Review, provide guidance to management, and report to the Board regarding the involvement of significant corporate responsibility issues in major business decisions, to protect Nike’s valuable goodwill, and human and intellectual capital.
  • Review and make recommendations to the Board with respect to any shareholder proposal that relates to the matters overseen by the Committee.
  • Annually evaluate the performance of the Committee and report the results of the evaluation to the Board.
  • Review and assess annually the adequacy of the Committee’s charter.
  • Perform such other duties and functions as may, from time to time, be assigned to the Committee by the Board.

Nike Executive Leadership Team

Nike’s Executive Leadership Team provides direction and overview for the end-to-end integration of NIKE’s work in diversity and inclusion, community, labor and environmental impact. They challenge our business to better understand our social and sustainability impacts, set ambitious targets for improvement, and overcome obstacles in achieving progress.

2025 Purpose Targets

Company-wide, we have long used corporate targets to drive accountability and measure progress. Our targets cover progress against environmental, social and community topics. Nike publicly reports progress to these targets in our annual Impact Report. We also provide quarterly updates to our key business partners and the CRS&G Committee of the Board of Directors.