Our Approach to Transforming Manufacturing

How our product is made matters. We work with suppliers that share our commitment to equality, health and safety, and the environment.


We collaborate with contract factories and our industry to set standards that respect the rights of people and the environment, ensuring our products are made responsibly and sustainably. These standards serve as the rules of the game, and by working together to establish the right way to play, we all win.


Our suppliers can unleash the potential of their factory workers by focusing on improving their engagement and wellbeing. We work with our suppliers to help them enhance workers’ quality of life and set the standard for world-class manufacturing. We have established several industry partnerships with organizations such as the Better Work Programme and Fair Labor Association. We are confident that our collaboration with these partners and other brands is encouraging a shift throughout the industry.


As we continue to modernize and improve efficiency, we’re leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver more personalized products to consumers at a faster rate. We are also using innovation to reduce the environmental impact to manufacturing. Workers trained in new skills and technologies are key to this revolution, as they bring new thinking to the industry and the consumer experience.