Unconscious Bias Awareness Training

A core piece of our comprehensive approach to increasing the diversity and inclusion at Nike is conducting Unconscious Bias Awareness trainings. These trainings help us all identify and reduce any underlying biases we carry – whether knowingly or not – and help engender an internal shift within Nike’s teams to create the most inclusive culture possible.


Our company mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete*, which means that Nike serves an increasingly broad and diverse consumer base. That’s why we focus on progress against our diversity and inclusion efforts with the goal of unleashing the creativity and potential of all Nike employees. Along with investing in the expansion and resourcing of our Diversity & Inclusion team, we have designed and implemented new internal learning programs for employees throughout the company.


One of these programs is our Unconscious Bias Awareness Training, a key component to equipping our team members – at all levels – with practical skills to educate and create mindfulness of unconscious bias. This training has helped create an environment that fosters inclusion throughout our teams. In FY16-17, over 1,500 employees completed the training. Over the course of 2018-2019, we will be expanding this training to all employees globally as we move to strengthen the inclusivity of our culture from the inside out.