Vapormax Random: Turning Trash into Treasure

Our newest footwear innovation started as a leftover—Flyknit yarn that we hadn’t found a use for. So we presented ourselves with a simple design challenge: Could we find a way to use this waste in a new shoe? And, could we do it with zero compromise for sustainability, style and performance?


Golnaz Armin is the senior materials director who helped solve the puzzle by combining the leftover yarns to create the Vapormax Flyknit ‘Random’ 2.


Because each shoe is created from different colors of yarn that would have otherwise gone to waste, the upper takes on a random look unlike anything we’ve created before.



Click here to watch the full video with closed captions.

In addition to the upper, the Air sole contains 75% recycled materials and the heel counter is made from recycled CD’s. This shoe shows when we think differently about design, we can turn waste into innovation.


We know there’s no single product that makes all the impact. But we also know that decisions around every product we make lead us to a more sustainable future. We’re already looking forward to the next challenge.