Waste Reduction in Chinese Factories

From FY16 to FY18, factories in China reduced waste by 12 percent. This success was a result of long-term relationships with contract factories that focused on a few key areas, including:

  • Factory leadership awareness
  • Support of waste reduction initiatives
  • Cross-functional engagement from engineering, material, and production teams
  • Factory waste teams with the proper capabilities
  • Data-driven performance management and accountability
  • Line-level worker engagement in waste reduction ideas


To create a future where we all thrive, we are working to design waste out of our products. This means incentivizing manufacturing factories to focus on the sources of waste they can change. For example, midsole and outsole waste account for two-thirds of our global waste generation increase from FY16 to FY18. By improving mold management and overall operational excellence, we’re confident we can reduce our impact one sole at a time.


Based on a comparison with other Brands who share the environmental impact of their products at a kg CO2e/unit level.