Nike partners with EFM to further offset carbon emissions

As part of Move to Zero, Nike’s journey towards a zero carbon and zero waste future, we’ve partnered with EFM to offset the carbon emissions generated in the outbound shipment of all purchases in the U.S.

Minimizing Our Footprint

At Nike, we’re deeply committed to creating more sustainable practices across every part of our company, including our supply chain. In our ongoing work to mitigate our CO2 emissions and minimize our carbon footprint, we’ve partnered with EFM, a real asset investment manager that invests in natural climate solutions, to offset the carbon emissions generated in the outbound shipments of all purchases in the U.S. We believe that bridge solutions, like voluntary carbon offsets, play an important role in our journey toward finding longer-term system changes.

On two properties, comprising 27,550 acres of forestland in Oregon, the carbon offsets managed by EFM are in an ideal location. The forests of the Pacific Northwest have the potential to store more carbon per acre over time than any other terrestrial ecosystem, as long as they’re properly managed. Combined with EFM’s climate-smart strategies, on average these forests can absorb 30 percent more carbon from the atmosphere than business-as-usual approaches.

Climate-Smart Forestry

Our commitment to the environment not only helps protect and restore Oregon forests, but it also preserves recreational public access, protects drinking water and biodiversity and supports rural economies through job creation.

We can’t understate how important it is that we remain accountable in our efforts, which is why these forest carbon projects are guided by the Forestry Stewardship Council’s (FSC) standards and have been validated and verified to Verra’s VCS standard by accredited third-party auditors. So not only will we be maintaining our own high standards, but we’ll also be meeting those of organizations dedicated specifically to upholding best practices for sustainable forest management and climate change mitigation.

This partnership with EFM is a strong representation of Nike’s Move to Zero journey — and carbon offsetting plays an integral role in our effort.

“As a signatory of the U.N. Principles of Responsible Investing and a climate-smart forestry company since its founding in 2004, EFM embraces Nike’s commitment to reaching the Paris Agreement’s lowered emissions goals.”

– EFM CEO Bettina von Hagen

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