Empowering Workers

When people feel valued and engaged, everyone wins. This is the key to growth and sustainability. From worker compensation to workplace conditions, we only work with partners who share our vision for the future.

How we make our products is as important as what we make.

We work with contract factories and other industry partners who share our commitment to making products responsibly and sustainably.


In order for issues of compensation, overtime, workplace conditions, and worker engagement to fundamentally shift, people need to feel valued. To make this change, we developed tools that measure engagement and wellbeing. We also support our suppliers with everything they need to help their workers thrive.

Health and Safety

Our culture of teamwork at Nike extends throughout our entire supply chain. Our vision is for each supplier team to feel safe, healthy and happy. This requires a true partnership between Nike and our suppliers to provide a hygienic, healthy environment with robust safety management systems, adequate training, and proper information about potential hazards.

Human Resources Management

Strong HR policies are critical to building an engaged workforce. To set the standard and reach new heights, we invested in HR professionals, systems, and processes to make sure the right people with the right skills fill the roles.