Industry Convergence

Convening industry leaders to drive real change

To truly accelerate changes in our industry, we work with other brands, NGOs and manufacturers.


One of our top priorities, which was a call to action we stated in our FY14/15 Sustainable Business Report, has been to identify and engage in the development and deployment of industry-wide tools that measure compliance and performance in labor, health and safety and the environment.


The Facilities Environmental Module (FEM) created by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and released in 2017—as well as the Social Labor Convergence Project (SLCP) tool currently in development—are key components of our strategy to measure how suppliers are performing across our source base.


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By working with other brands and using the tools we created together, we can collaborate to address risks and opportunities directly, helping to create change the industry as a whole.


We have been part of the FEM and SLCP efforts from the beginning, engaging in working groups and pilots, and providing funding aimed at accelerating their completion.