Innovating Sustainably

We have a responsibility to ensure that all athletes* can train, live and thrive for generations to come. We develop products with sustainability in mind and innovate new materials because we’re dedicated to finding ways to help solve today’s problems for a better tomorrow. Nike's collaboration with Berlin-based artist Ruohan Wang to create the 2020 Flyleather Pack, made with at least 50% recycled leather fiber, is a testament to just that.

Our Focus

We are always innovating. Not only what we make, but how we make it. Pushing the limits of our business is how we come up with new ways to solve today's problems. We’re focused on sustainable innovation across our value chain.
Materials Innovation
Sustainable Products
Product Creation Tools

Guiding the Future of Design

It’s a simple question with a complex answer: how can our product be recycled at the end of use? We understand that limited resources demand a transition to a circular economy, a world in which materials can be used and reused at their highest potential—and that’s why we created a Circular Design Guide.


Materials Innovation

Nike’s history of innovation came with some amazing feats of forward thinking. New innovation and methods are changing the world of sustainable performance.
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Our Approach to Sustainable Products

We obsess over what goes into our products so you can feel great putting them on. This means looking at how each material is grown, harvested, and processed.
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Goals & Impact

We’ve set ambitious targets and measure our progress as we go.
Fewer liters of freshwater used by material vendors since FY16
Plastic bottles diverted from landfills and waterways and transformed into recycled polyester footwear and apparel since 2010
of Nike footwear and apparel styles included some recycled materials

Product Creation Tools

We use more than 16,000 materials in our products each year, and a single pair of shoes may contain up to 30 materials. We use product and materials scoring tools and indices that give our product creation teams the information they need to make better decisions about the materials they use and the processes they adopt.
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If we can change how we make shoes, maybe we can change how we make everything.
Noah, Nike Designer


To learn more, download our FY19 Impact Report and check out the information below.