Kids are Made to Play

We’re not sure exactly when kids stopped moving.


Or when they became too busy tagging each other to simply play tag. We just know that all this sitting around doesn’t sit well with us. Because we know that kids who move are the ones who move the needle: in the classroom, in their careers and in their communities.


But to get them moving again, we need your help.


So, let’s set our alarms earlier, open our eyes wider, and roll our sleeves up higher. Let’s paint some pitches, mow the cricket grounds and rake the sandlots that were once held sacred.


Let’s raise the rim — and the bar, while we’re at it. Let’s teach kids that it’s okay to run, jump, kick, dive, flip, dance and dunk — their way. Because there’s no wrong way to play.


Let’s show them that play equals power.


And that Saturday morning catch feels better than Saturday morning cartoons. Let’s help them find inspiration in their perspiration, and meaning in their miles. Because kids weren’t made to sit still, kids were Made to Play.


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