Nike’s Lean Management Framework

Historically, lean methodology has been limited to optimizing manufacturing and production processes. However, our new Lean Management Framework aims to improve efficiency across all the ways our people work, as well as in how product is manufactured, and uses philosophy of continuous improvement. This approach builds upon a foundation of excellence in lean manufacturing, and aims to create an optimized production process that reduces impacts, eliminates waste, and enables skilled and engaged workers to drive quality and productivity. This is achieved by actively including workers in problem solving and prevention, strategically led by managers who see value in an empowered workforce.


We believe this new approach is important and has unlimited potential. When used as a management tool, not simply a production tool, lean can unlock significant cost savings, quality improvements and lead time reductions for our suppliers.


In order to help suppliers understand our new approach, we provide training on lean principles and tactical guidance on implementing the principles in our suppliers’ facilities. The training focuses specifically on Human Resources Management and how to efficiently implement and manage their capabilities in health, safety and environment.


For many companies, Lean is just a tool. At Nike, we believe it is a way of working. In order to meet our sustainability and performance goals, we are working with our suppliers to implement Lean across the industry. We believe it will open the door to new opportunities for our suppliers to work more efficiently and improve productivity and capacity in their facilities.