Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint

We’re doing our part to protect the planet, for today’s athletes and for future generations.

The air we breathe and the fields where we play allow us all to unleash our potential. That’s why we deliver performance products with zero compromise for athletes* and the environment. As a company, we set a moonshot ambition to double our business growth and halve our environmental impact by boosting efficiencies, cutting carbon emissions and water use, using better chemistries, and moving toward a zero-waste future.

What We Make

We look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment throughout product creation, from the materials we use to the way we design. We know materials have the greatest environmental impact in our value chain, so we’re making our products from materials that are sustainable, high-performing and high value for Nike and athletes. Today, 97 percent of our Nike-branded footwear and 96 percent of Nike-branded apparel are scored on sustainability performance, so we can track the environmental impact and supplier practices of each product line.

How We Make It

We’re reducing the number of factories we work with so we can build quality long-term partnerships. Every factory we work with must share our commitment to zero compromise for athletes* and the environment. We’re also helping build their capabilities to meet these commitments. We also know we can’t change the world alone, so we’re collaborating with our industry peers to set consistent global standards everywhere.

How We Operate Our Business

We’ve got to work together to make a change. Everyone at Nike – from design to manufacturing, logistics to retail—is accountable and committed to sustainability. It’s a team effort to drive innovation and create solutions for athletes, our business and the world.


Across these efforts, we’re focused on reducing our impact where we have the greatest environmental footprint—carbon and energy, waste, water and chemistry.