Nike - Nobody Wins Alone

At Nike, we believe in the pursuit of equality for every athlete*, knowing there is no finish line until we all win.


As part of this belief, every year since 2012, we’ve helped raise awareness for the LGBTQIA+ community and introduced a BETRUE collection during National Pride Month.  Since then, Nike has also provided more than $3.6 million in financial support to causes that advance inclusion and celebrate the pursuit of sport by all athletes. In 2019, we also teamed up with LGBTQIA+ athletes and allies to produce a film that honors their stories and commitment to advancing equality for all.


The film, titled ‘Nobody Wins Alone’, is narrated by triathlete Chris Mosier and celebrates the contributions and achievements of some of the most inspirational athletes in the world, including:


  • WNBA (Seattle Storm): Sue Bird, Jewell Loyd, Jordin Canada
  • WNBA (Phoenix Mercury): Brittney Griner
  • Skaters: Elissa Steamer, Eric Koston, Fernando Bramsmark
  • Runners: Chris Mosier, Scout Bassett, Caster Semenya, Kerron Clement
  • Soccer: Mark McKenzie


Nike proudly supports our family of athletes in being true to themselves both on and off the field of play.


I'm more comfortable being who I really am than what other people would want me to be or who I might be afraid to be.
Elissa Steamer

We also believe in the power of sport to unite and inspire people to take action in their communities.


For me to be able to support another athlete — whether they have a physical disability or they identify as being LGBTQIA+ — I think it's important to use sport as a way to fiercely takeup space in a world that hasn’t always made room for people like me or people that are different.
Scout Bassett

Triathlete Chris Mosier wrote an open letter that sums up our belief in sport as a catalyst for conversation, change and taking action:


“Throughout my career, I’ve had people telling me I can’t do it. That it would never be possible for me to be competitive against men.


Every step of the way, I had to drown out their voices. I had to have an unshakeable belief in myself.


I also had to have an incredible community of people around me. Supporting me every step of the way. Speaking up when people misgendered me or said hurtful things. Letting me know that it wasn’t something I did wrong, but a reflection of the person saying it.


I was fortunate to have that support, but a lot of athletes don’t, and sport can still be a challenging space for many people. That’s why I’d love to see more straight and cisgender athletes come out as allies to the LGBTQIA+ community. Standing up for every athlete’s right to be who they are and play the sport they love, without compromising any part of themselves.


So if there’s one thing I can say to every athlete who’s reading this — If you don’t see someone out there doing what you want to do, go out and be that person. And if you can support someone who’s fighting for their space in sport, do it. We have unlimited courage and opportunities when we work together, so never underestimate the impact we can have on the world when we treat each other’s victories as our own … And never forget, it doesn’t matter what you play, what you’ve achieved, or where you’re headed next, you don’t have to do it alone.”


– Chris Mosier

At Nike, we honor every voice advocating for equality — those standing up to make a difference and BETRUE. So many athletes throughout history have paved the way for progress, and today, we honor those individuals. To those who have fought — and continue to fight — for equality both on the courts and off, we hear you. Through your hard work and dedication, the playing field becomes more level every day. But there’s more work to be done. The game won’t be equal Until We All Win.




About Nike’s BETRUE Collection

BETRUE started in 2012 as a grassroots effort led by Nike employees in the PRIDE Network seeking to build a community diverse in orientation, identity and expression focused on community initiatives to advance equality in sport.

The collection, which is created and managed by Nike designers in the LGBTQIA+ community and Nike’s PRIDE Network, releases each year in June to celebrate National Pride month and supports all individuals regardless of gender identity or who they love.