Technology That Connects and Trains Workers

As factories are becoming more automated, and the environment in which our suppliers operate changes, the role of the factory worker is evolving. Emerging technologies can help suppliers, and workers, navigate this changing environment. Digital technologies like smart phone apps enable workers to communicate, engage, increase their skills and identify new opportunities.


Digital technology is a great management tool to engage workers. But today, many suppliers do not have modern communication systems within their facilities, which limits opportunities for workers and management to communicate effectively and efficiently. To help bridge this communicate gap, we partnered with two mobile phone platforms—Microbenefits and Workplace Options – to enable better two-way communication, more robust grievance mechanisms, training opportunities—including training directly applicable to worker’s jobs and life skills such as personal finance or hygiene – and access to survey capabilities such as our engagement and well-being survey.


There is tremendous opportunity to use technology to support factory workers as their job experience changes. We will continue looking for opportunities to create the enabling conditions for technology to be more easily adopted and leveraged by our suppliers.


In addition, we will continue to support the development of new technologies that most effectively amplify workers’ voices and skills. Finally, we are committed to engaging with others in our industry to continue to advance the content, tools and resources offered to workers through these mobile platforms.